Foxconn Deal Scrapped, Relief for Tribal Communities in Maharashtra

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October 26, 2021

Location of Conflict

Dapchari and Vankas


This is A Schedule Five District

Reason or Cause of Conflict




People Affected by Conflict


Land Area Affected (in Hectares)



Starting Year






Between 19601966, the state government had acquired 2,766 hectares of land in Dahanu and Talasari tehsils in Palghar district for a grand "Dapchari Dairy Project", aiming to supply 1.5 lakh litres of milk to Mumbai every day while generating job opportunities for tribal communities. But the project failed due to apprehensions of dairy entrepreneurs to shift outside. According to information from the dairy development department, the government purchased the land from 1,071 tribal families, disbursing a total compensation of INR 39.96 lakh. The state rehabilitated the projectaffected families on 236 hectares of land. In 2015, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis signed an MoU with iPhone manufacturer Foxconn to commit for a USD $5billion investment in the 'Make in Maharashtra' project. Initially, the government had planned to give the company land along the MumbaiPune expressway in Khopoli (Raigad) and Chakan and Talegaon (Pune). However, in 2017, the state considered handing over tribal land in Palghar to Foxconn as the company was more interested in this location due to its proximity to Mumbai. The tribal communities in Palghar opposed this move. According to activists from the Adivasi Ekta Parishad, since the dairy project never took off as planned, the tribal families went back to farming on their land. They say that either the state government should go forward with dairy project or return the land to the families. They are opposed to the private undertaking of the land as they fear the industries will pollute the resources making their livelihood difficult. In November 2018, tribal communities from all over Maharashtra protested against the acquisition of tribal land for various industrial purposes. They claimed that large proportion of tribal land is with the state, due to which they are unable to claim any relief from banks or financial institutions because as they do not have land ownership. The largescale protest concluded after the government promised to look into the matter and vowed to fulfill their demands. Meanwhile, due to diplomatic tensions between India and China, the deal with Foxconn took a backseat. In an article dated October 2019, Girish Kuber, the editor of the leading Marathi daily Lok Satta, said that the Foxconn deal, which was uncertain earlier, had been concluded, although there was no official declaration. In January 2020, the Foxconn deal was scrapped reportedly due to internal issues of the company.

Demand/Contention of the Affected Community

Refusal to give up land for the project, Opposition against environmental degradation

Region Classification


Type of Land


Type of Common Land

Non-Forest (Other than Grazing Land)

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Type of investment:

Investment Expected

Year of Estimation

Has the Conflict Ended?


When did it end?

January 2020

Why did the conflict end?

Categories of Legislations Involved in the Conflict

Land Acquisition Laws, Forest and Scheduled Area Governance Laws

Legislations/Policies Involved

Whether claims/objections were made as per procedure in the relevant statute

What was the claim(s)/objection(s) raised by the community? What was the decision of the concerned government department?

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Violation of LARR Act, Violation of free prior informed consent

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Out of Court

Status of Case In Court

Whether any adjudicatory body was approached

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Whether criminal law was used against protestors

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Date of Violation

Location of Violation

Nature of Protest


Government Departments Involved in the Conflict:

Directorate of Industries, Vankas and Dapchari panchayat

PSUs Involved in the Conflict:

Did LCW Approach Government Authorities for Comments?

Name, Designation and Comment of the Government Authorities Approached

Corporate Parties Involved in the Conflict:

Foxconn Technology Group

Did LCW Approach Corporate Parties for Comments?

Name, Designation and Comment of Corporate Authorities Approached

Other Parties Involved in the Conflict:

Adivasi Ekta Parishad

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