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Land Disputes: Stalled Investments and Lives

Presentation 1: 'LAND LOCKED': Investments and Lives in Land Disputes

State of Land Conflicts in India 2022

Presented by
Mrinali Karthick
Database and Collaborations Lead
Land Conflict Watch
Download the report here

Panel 1: Stalled Investments and Lives in Land Disputes

Navdeep Mathur
Associate Professor
Public Systems Group, IIM Ahmedabad
Usha Ramanathan
Independent Law Researcher
Sony Pellissery
Professor and Director
CSSEIP, National Law School of India University, Bengaluru
Kumar Sambhav Shrivastava
Founding Partner and Project Director
Land Conflict Watch

Presentation 2: ‘Legal Terrain'

Report on legislations, legal loopholes and judicial interventions involved in land conflicts

Presented by
Mukta Joshi
Legal Research Lead
Land Conflict Watch
Download the report here

Panel 2: Legal Canvas of Land Conflict

Muhammad Khan
Additional Advocate General, Chhattisgarh
Supreme Court of India
Arpitha Kodiveri
Adjunct Professor of Clinical Law
New York University School of Law
Fernando Barrio
Director of International Engagement and Senior Lecturer
SBM, Queen Mary University of London
Namita Wahi
Senior Fellow, Centre for Policy Research (CPR)
Founding Director, Land Rights Initiative
Shomona Khanna
Supreme Court of India
Geetanjoy Sahu
Associate Professor
Centre for Science, Technology & Society, School of Habitat Studies, TISS, Mumbai
Nitin Sethi
Partner and Editorial Advisor
Land Conflict Watch

Presentation 3: ‘(Un)common Verdicts’

Analysis of Supreme Court and High Court judgements on common lands

Presented by
Anmol Gupta
Legal Associate
Land Conflict Watch
Download the report here

Panel 3: Promise of the Commons

Pranab Choudhury
Center for Land Governance
Nikita Sud
University of Oxford
Tushar Dash
Independent Forest Rights and Governance Researcher
Sneha Gill
National Dalit Christian Watch
Rakshita Swamy
Founder and Director
Biraj Patnaik
Executive Director
National Foundation for India

Presentation 4: Lived Experiences of Land Conflicts

Presented by
Prudhviraj Rupavath
Researcher, Land and Forest Governance
Land Conflict Watch
Jeff Joseph
Researcher and Writer
Land Conflict Watch

Presentation 5: ‘From Field to Audience’: Public Facing Research on Land and Resources

Presented by
Radhika Chatterjee
Field Research Lead
Land Conflict Watch
Furquan Ameen
Associate Editor
Land Conflict Watch

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