Tracking natural resource conflicts in India

We are a data research agency. We track disputes on natural resources to facilitate better decision-making on investments and governance.

Our network of interdisciplinary researchers, spread across the country, collects data that answers questions about natural resource governance and its impact on investments, environment and people. We have built the country's first and only database of ongoing land and resource conflicts. Our research aims to facilitate decision-making that helps in resolving and minimising such conflicts.

We are operated by Nut Graph LLP, an environmental research consultancy.

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Over 35 researchers use multiple sources to track natural-resources disputes, depending on where they are based and which source is accessible.

Collect data


Data about each dispute is collected on various points. The numbers are taken from government records, independent research studies, or directly from affected parties.



An important part of this exercise is to verify the existence of each dispute and associated facts using more than one source. Although most cases of disputes are identified from media reports, they are verified by collecting additional documents.

Analyse and update


The data collected are periodically analysed to look for emerging patterns and thematic issues to draw insights for responsible and secure natural-resources transactions .

Meet Our Team!

Core Team

Anindita Bhatti
Human Resources Manager and Administrator
Anmol Gupta
Legal Associate
Furquan Ameen
Associate Editor
Jeff Joseph
Researcher and Writer
Kumar Sambhav Shrivastava
Founding Partner and Project Director
Moushumi Sharma
Project Lead
Mrinali Karthick
Database and Collaborations Lead
Mukta Joshi
Legal Associate
Nitin Sethi
Partner and Editorial Advisor
Prudhviraj Rupavath
Researcher, Land and Forest Governance

Data Researchers

Aditi Patil
Gujarat, Delhi, Maharashtra, MP
Anurag Das
Bodhi Ramteke
Deepika Joshi
East Street Journal Asia
Faizi Ahmad
Andhra Pradesh
Kuber Bathla
Mahesh Deka
Mitali Biswas
West Bengal
Mubashir Bukhari
Jammu and Kashmir
Nupur Sonar
Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Delhi
Rabiya Bashir
Jammu and Kashmir
Rejitha Nair
Sarup Sinha
Shazia Nigar
Shivam Mogha
Tamanna Naseer

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