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Associate Editor

Land Conflict Watch is looking for an Associate Editor to helm an interdisciplinary group of researchers, lawyers and writers working to build a deeper understanding of land and resource conflicts.

We map details of ongoing conflicts across the country through a network of researchers and analyse with the help of our lawyers and writers.

The Associate Editor should be comfortable working with writers from diverse backgrounds and editing analytical pieces. Our colleagues often integrate ground reportage with a mix of data, law, policies and government processes. You will bushwhack through complex issues of land, natural resources and citizen rights, and ensure the final articles and reports are easy to understand.

We aren’t part of the rush-hour crowd in journalism. Our writers look at the land and resources conflicts with analytical lens, and our works are published by media organisations (here are some of the examples). Occasionally, some are published as stand-alone research reports that we disseminate ourselves.

You should have at least eight years of experience as a journalist, including a minimum of one year in editing and commissioning stories.

Job profile:

* You will shepherd writers -- from ideation to publication -- and occasionally write on issues of land and natural resources along with other colleagues.
* Ideate with colleagues for storylines that Land Conflict Watch (LCW) cares about and commission them to in-house or freelance writers.
* Produce a monthly newsletter that captures all the works of LCW.
* Ensure that our work is amplified through social media and other channels.
* Contract: Full-time.
* Remuneration: Rs 80,000 to Rs 1,00,000 per month based on experience.
* Location: Preferably Delhi.

Women and candidates from disadvantaged social backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Apply through this form by October 11, 2021.