People Protest For a Flyover Stuck Between Two Departments

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March 9, 2021

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Indra Nagar



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People Affected by Conflict

Land Area Affected (in Hectares)




Uttar Pradesh



Due to Traffic congestion in Lucknow, Government had planned to construct a flyover from Fun Mall, Gomti Nagar to Khurram Nagar. This will help commuters of Jankipuram, Khurram Nagar, Indra Nagar, Vikas Nagar and Nishatganj to directly come to Gomti Nagar, where maximum offices are situated. Thousands of people travel on this route in a month.

Construction of flyover started in 2012 but the construction was stopped mid-way when Ministry of Defence refused to give a green signal to pass the flyover on their land. This case was pending for the last 4 years. The Ministry said that the land on which the flyover is to be passed belongs to a firing range of army.

On the other hand, government officials said that there is no firing practice happening on the land for the past 20 years and that the Ministry was only trying to hinder the process. Whereas Ministry officials are demanding that they will give the approval if they are allotted with the same amount of land to in cantonment area. Because of the inconvenience caused due to incomplete construction, a group of commuters with the help of an NGO staged a protest.

In 2017, the construction work began after the Ministry provided permission on 9.64 acre defense land which revived the project. In 2019, the construction work for the flyover was completed. The flyover covers a total length of 5.8 kilometers and comprises of six lanes, which will ease traffic in the area.

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Private and Common

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Demand/Contention of the Affected Community

Demand for better access to common land/resources

Government Bodies Involved in the Conflict:

Ministry of Defense, Public Works Department and UP State Bridge Corporation

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Has the Conflict Ended?


When did it end?

October 2017

Why did the conflict end?

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