Builder Encroaches Upon Farmers Land in Gosaiganj Lucknow, 150 Allottees in Lurch

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Aashish DeepLand Conflict Watch

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December 3, 2019

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Uttar Pradesh



The MBSC group of Mirzapur (P.S.Gosaiganj) in Lucknow is accused of forcefully occupying 5 bigha land of a Dalit farmer, for which the builder has taken advanced deposits from almost 150 people. These people along with the farmer whose land is in question, are now seeking administration's help in resolving the issue. The land belongs to a Dalit farmer of the Mirzapur village. The ancestral land Khasra no. 0929, 939,940 is of total 5 bigha. The farmer has petitioned in the Police station that Akhand Pratap Singh, Chairman of MBSC Group and his brother Vishnu Singh have forcefully erected the board of their township, on his land. And they are threatening the farmer and his family to get him to sell the land. Although the builder claims an agreement with the farmer. In the petition, the farmer alleges that the builder is pressurizing him to sell it for a very low price.They had taken him along to Mohanlalganj for the registry, but he somehow managed to escape. The builder does not even have a plan approved by the Lucknow Development Authority.

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District Administration, Lucknow Development Authority

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MBSC group, BSC homes

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