Tribespeople Struggle to Get Their Forest Rights Recognized in Nagarhole National Park

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Eleonora FanariLand Conflict Watch

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November 7, 2019

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Nagarhole National Park



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Protected Areas



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Conservation and Forestry

A high number of tribespeople mostly from Jenu Kuruba tribes and Yerawa tribes were evicted from the Nagarhole National Park just after the implementation of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972 (WLPA). According to a report that came out in 2014, a number of 3,400 families were displaced between the 70s and 80s and the majority of tribal communities displaced continue to be landless laborers today. In early 1999, a number of 487 tribal families have moved out of the Park. Initially, 280 families plus 60 families were relocated in Nagapura and Sollepura in 2000 and 2007, for a compensation of one lack rupees and five acres of land. However, the rehabilitation site was not conforming to the needs of the tribal villages. Drinking water and other basic facilities are still not available till yet. In 2010, under the NTCA sponsored scheme of 10 lack rupees compensation, a number of 147 families agreed to relocate to the new site of ShettihaliLakkapatna and Hebala, in Hunsur district. In response to the forced relocation the tribal got organized under the name of Bubakattu Krishekara Sangha (BKS), and they have been repeatedly fighting against the violation of the Forest Rights Act. In 2008 the tribal people blocked the tourist road demanding for a fair compensation, as they only received barren land and just some thousands of rupees as a monetary compensation. In 2009, the forest dwellers applied for Community Rights under FRA, but till date, they did not receive any community rights. Although Individual Forest Rights (IFRs) were received in most of the case the forest dwellers continue to face harassment from the Forest Department. Between 2001 and 2011, a number of 192 cases against tribal people have been registered. In 2015, it was seen that many people had settled in tents in fringe areas of Nagarhole, and were considered encroachment threats. In 2016, the tribal forum asked for rehabilitation measures. In May 2017, after the NTCA order against the distribution of FRA titles inside the Core Area, the tribal people protested before the District Collector demanding the withdraw of the unconstitutional order, but till now no response has been given by the authorities.

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Forest Department Karnataka

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Development thorough education (DEED), Coorg Organization for Rural Development (CORD) , Living Tribal Inspiration (LIFT) , Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Bubakattu Krishekara Sangha (BKS)

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