Tribals Encroaching Pasture Land in Rajasthan's Pindwara Served Eviction Notices

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April 29, 2020

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In Pindwara tehsil of Sirohi district in Rajasthan, tribals have settled on nearly 48 hectares of land, which is classified as pasture land as per revenue records. The encroachment started around 2004 as the tribals started arriving in the area. In addition to the tribals, around 35 people bribed the panchayat to get no-objection certificates to build concrete houses on a hectare of the pasture land. However, following a complaint by some people under the leadership of the Shiv Sena, the Lokayukta directed the local administration to cancel the land allotment.  Ramesh Rawal, district president of the Shiv Sena in Pindwara, told Land Conflict Watch that even after his protests in the matter in 2016-17, the Pindwara village panchayat did not take swift action. According to him, the tribals have dug borewells on the pasture land and are cultivating the land, making it difficult for cattle and other livestock to graze.  He said that the local people held a meeting on August 9, 2019, and submitted a letter warning the local administration that if it failed to remove the encroachments, they would hold a protest on August 20.  As the panchayat did not act on the warning, the residents protested by taking their cattle to the panchayat office. They protested for more than five hours and called off the agitation only when the officials assured them of action. Tehsildar Brajesh Gupta told Land Conflict Watch that notices have been issued to the encroachers and that their settlements would be demolished if the district administration approved additional force to carry out the demolition drive. 

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Shiv Sena , Bajrang Dal, Pindwara Traders' Association

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