Slum Dwellers Living in Shastri Nagar Graveyard Deny Rehabilitation

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Ashish GaurLand Conflict Watch

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October 6, 2019

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Encroachment by Non-Right Holders (Other than Caste-Based)



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Private and Common

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Non-Forest (Other than Grazing Land)




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The conflict began in the year 1997 on Shastri Nagar Graveyard land issue. Following communal clashes between two groups in December 1997 as some people had allegedly encroached on graveyard land. Six people were dead and nearly 100 were injured when clashes broke out, curfew had to be clamped. Shastri Nagar Graveyard is spread in 40 bighas of land, of which 6.17 bighas land has encroachment by nearly 132 families are slum dwellers. The matter went to the court, which has ordered to rehabilitate the families and get the encroachment removed from the land. Jaipur Development Authority has constructed flats for the families in Shastri Nagar area itself and held camps for rehabilitation. However, people are reluctant to sign agreement papers. People want to remain in their place but the court has ordered to get the land vacated and rehabilitate people. The process is ongoing to convince families.

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Jaipur Municipal Corporation, Jaipur Development Authority

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