Shopkeepers protest against Gopalpura road widening in Jaipur

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Ashish GaurLand Conflict Watch

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February 8, 2021

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A little over two decades ago when Jaipur city was expanding, several shopkeepers allegedly encroached on the sides of the main roads, like Gopalpura road, and set up shops. As population grew, traffic became a contstant problem on Gopalpura road. In September 2016, Jaipur Development Authority ( JDA) served notice to 338 shopkeepers around Gopalpura road to vacate their shops as they will be demolished. Shopkeepers protested and demanded compensation. The matter was shelved for a while. But recently due to rising traffic woes, JDA has decided to demolish these shops to widen the road from 80 feet to 160 feet. JDA Commissioner Vaibhav Galaria told LCW researcher that these shops were built on the government land, and that these encroachments are causing traffic issues. He said that demand of compensation is unjustified as the encroachments engage in commercial activities. However, Gopalpura Bypass Vyapar Mandal President Govind Agarwal said that they have their shops from more than two decades. People should be compensated and that they will continue to protest.

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