Residents of Venkatapur Thanda in Telangana Protest Encroachment of Common Burial Land

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November 25, 2020

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Venkatapur Thanda



Reason or Cause of Conflict

Encroachment by Non-Right Holders (Other than Caste-Based)

Burial ground



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On August 11, 2018, residents of Venkatapur Thanda village in Telangana's Vikarabad district took out a rally to protest the encroachment of four acres of land, which was donated to them as a burial ground by a Hyderabad-based family. According to a news report, the village residents allege that the land has been encroached upon by Kishan Naik, a powerful resident of the tribal hamlet. The residents walked to the local police station to file a complaint, and planned to approach the district collector to demand their right over the land. Naik currently serves as the chairman of the Primary Agriculture Cooperative Society and is the director of District Cooperative Central Bank Ltd. He had contested the 2009 Legislative Assembly elections as an independent candidate from Pargi constituency. The village residents allege that Naik had sold the plot to realtors as land prices in the district are rising. They argue that it is common land and was not mentioned in the asset declaration affidavit submitted by Naik for the 2009 elections. At a press meet on August 12, 2018, Naik denied the allegations and stated that he is ready to face action if the charges against him are proved, according to the media report.

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