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October 28, 2019

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South Goa

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A rail freight terminal has been proposed in Xelvona, a hamlet in South Goa, on over 50 acres of private land consisting of farms, orchards and forests. The terminal has been proposed by Sociedade de Fomento Industrial Pvt Ltd, one of Goas largest mining firms, to handle 2 million tonnes per annum, each of iron ore and coal, besides smaller amounts of limestone and cement. The land is situated by the Zuari river, a navigable river that links interior Goa with the Mormugao Port. The terminal would integrate a jetty and a railway line. Imported coal and iron ore brought from the port by barges would be loaded onto rail wagons. Ore mined in Goa, for export, would be loaded at the jetty on barges heading to the port. The villagers, led by the Village Panchayat of Assolda, Xelvona, XicXelvona and Hoddar, have opposed the project, arguing that the activity would severely pollute land and water sources, including the river Kushawati the project is in its catchment area. While the land is privately held (Fomento is making direct purchases), the villagers contend that coal and ore dust would affect nearby agricultural land. Xelvona has a population of 3000, and all of them use land and water resources. The project received environment clearance from the Goa State Environment Impact Assessment Authority in December 2015. The Assolda panchayat called a special gram sabha in January 2016, which resolved to oppose the project. The panchayat then appealed to the Goa State Environment Impact Assessment Authority to revoke its clearance. In response, the authority kept its clearance in abeyance and issued a showcause notice to Fomento. The showcause hearings have been in progress since then. The villagers have staged numerous protests in state capital Panaji and at the project site. While 80% of the land has been purchased by Fomento, the panchayat is urging the remaining land owners to not sell the land. The panchayat has also alleges that land was forcibly acquired from farmers for widening of the approach road to the village, which is required for the terminal to operate.

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Goa State Environment Impact Assessment Authority

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Sociedade de Fomento Industrial Pvt Ltd

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