People resist forced relocation from Madhav National Park in Shivpuri

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Arpit DeshmukhLand Conflict Watch

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November 4, 2019

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Madhya Pradesh


Conservation and Forestry

Nine villages have been displaced in order to create wildlife corridor in Madhav National Park in Shivpuri distritc. These villages are Balarpur, Gatwaya, Lakhangawan, Harnagar, Chak Kamalpur, Mauakheda, Arjungawan, Mamoni, Dongar and Chak Dongar. The relocation began in 2002 when Balarpur was relocated near the periphery of the mark. But the land allotted to the families, most of them from Saharia tribe, was infertile. About 40 families have not yet received their share of land. Other villages were surveyed in 2004 but were given compensation only in 200809. All these villages were neither duly informed about displacement nor their consent was taken for relocation. The forest officials allegedly coerced some people to leave the village but faced resistance from many residents who do not want to leave. In response, the forest department has deprived them of basic facilities like electricity, roads and every other developmental works. Reportedly, forest officials also confiscate cattle of villagers when cattle is found grazing in the forest. The department release them after villagers pay a fine. The evicted Sahariyas of Balarpur are not allowed to collect firewood, tendu leaves and other minor forest produce from the forests and they are living in the relocated site in abject poverty. The residents of other villages have made several representations to District Collector and Chief Minister but in vain. They don't want to be relocated. Recently, the villagers, launched a frest protest with the help of Zenith Legal Services Clinic led by a group of law students. They demand that the relocation be stopped and their land and forest rights should be settled under the Forest Rights Act. It is mostly the Sahariyas, small and marginal farmers from the nine villages who are protesting. In response to the protest the district collector said that he will look into the matter but nothing has happened yet.

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