People demand right to free passage through military area in Jaipur

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Ashish GaurLand Conflict Watch

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December 3, 2019

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JaipurJhotwara area



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There is a road in Jaipur that passes through Indian Army Military station. In 1994, the army tried to block the road citing security reasons. Soon after, the residents of Kailash Nagar, a neighbourhood, moved court seeking a stay. The court ruled in favour of the army. Now the residents have appealed in the High Court. Army in its defence has said that its station needs to be protected. Defence Spokesperson Manish Ojha told LCW researcher that the right of passage claimed by the residents of Kailash Nagar has no basis. "Since the disputed passage is exclusively in Military Area in Jaipur Military station, it is not a public road. Considering military installations like army aviation assets in the vicinity, the Army needs to secure this sensitive area," he said. The residents have also submitted a memorandum to district administration to look into the matter. They want the right to move freely on the road. The residents of Kailash Nagar and other neighbourhoods have protesting. They say that they have been using the road for over 40 years now and that restricting their access through the military area will force them to take longer routes to their destinations. There are about 1000 households around the military station. The High Court case is ongoing.

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Rajasthan government, Indian Army

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Bhutpurv Sainik Samiti

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