Forest Department cut 20,000 Teak Trees Without Gram Sabha's Permission in Patpara

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Bakhai is a village in Patpara Panchayat where people of Dhanwar tribe live in a small settlement. Dhanwars are a mostly forest dependent community engaged in the collection of minor forest produce like Chaar, Mahua, tendu and harra .The village is not connected by road and faces water scarcity. Residents of Bakhai filed an application to get community forestry rights on the forest near their village in December 2016 under Forest Rights Act. Sometime after that forest officials started to cut teak trees in the region where the community had asked for forest rights. When the residents questioned the forest department about the reason for cutting trees and that too without the Gram Sabhas permission, considering that the village lies in the area covered under the Panchayats Extension to Scheduled Areas (PESA) Act, the forest officials didn't give any clear answer. Residents filed an application under the Right to Information Act asking under which notification forest is being cleared and whether the Gram Sabhas permission has been sought or not. Gram Sabha's consent is mandatory before carrying out such work in areas covered under PESA. The Forest Department replied that no official notification has been issued for tree felling in the Bakhai Village forest land and later suspended two lower officials. About 20,000 teak trees were chopped in one weeks time. The residents depend on the forest land for livelihood. The villagers have written about this case with all the evidences to the district administration, tribal department, forest department, Chhattisgarh governor and even to the Prime Ministers Office. The Governor replied with assurance of investigation and action. The wood is still lying in the forest. Community Forestry Rights of the residents have still not been recognized.

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