Encroachments Cause a Delay in Allotment of Plots Under Gomti Nagar Vistar Yojana in Lucknow

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Aashish DeepLand Conflict Watch

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October 6, 2019

Location of Conflict

Gomti nagar Vistar



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Township/Real Estate



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Uttar Pradesh



LDAs Gomti Nagar Extension Housing Scheme is stuck since 2004. It had allotted plots to around 800 allottees. But more than half of the allotted plots have been encroached by land mafiyas and residents from surrounding villages. Almost a dozen of attempts to take down the illegal encroachment have failed as the LDA team was driven away by the villagers. Cases pertaining to hundreds of acres of land under this scheme lie pending in the court. LDA had launched this scheme by the name of Phase1 and Phase2, divided in Sector 1 to Sector 5. The administration has constituted a team under Tehsildar of the region to bring down the encroachment and give possession of land to the allottees. Some allottees have appealed in the high court. The court had ordered the authority in 2013 to provide possessions, but LDA couldnt get them vacated. The high court made a task force but in vain. The allottees are still waiting for the possession. The villagers argue that LDA hasnt yet acquired the land. LDA serves the notice, but we wont vacate the lands until we are compensated. LDA gave possession to more than 100 allottees under pressure, in Sector 5, but hundreds are still in line.

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Lucknow Development Authority

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