DLF Residents Demand Completion of Drain Work, Landowners Refuse GMDA's Price

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August 20, 2020

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Residents of DLF Phase IV organized a protest outside the mini secretariat in Gurugram city on July 19, demanding the completion of a drainage network in Chakkarpur village where they reside. The residents have been facing waterlogging problem for the last three years. The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) had promised to build a stormwater drain, but the work is still pending due to a delay in land acquisition. Meanwhile, their living condition has deteriorated as the area gets waterlogged even after brief rainfall. The residents have demanded that the project be completed urgently. They have met the sub-divisional magistrate of the area and have submitted a memorandum. In the meantime, the matter remains sub judice. Another party to the conflict is the landowners. Three years ago, in 2015, the MCG had identified an area to build the stormwater drain. One of the plots of land in the area belonged to a private party, who took the matter to court after the MCG issued a notice. The court dismissed the notice by saying that the law under which land was being acquired did not apply in the case. The landowners of the plots have refused to accept the land price fixed by the Gurugram Municipal Development Authority as they believe it is too low compared to the market rate.

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Haryana Urban Development Authority , Municipal Corporation of Gurugram

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