Rajastan's Farmers buried themselves to protest against Land Acquisition

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December 3, 2019

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Rajasthan government is acquiring land of farmers in Laxmangarh of Sikar district to construct a highway connecting Mukundgarh to Salasar. The 10km highway will pass through the pasture lands of farmers of the area. Farmers have alleged that government started constructing road without compensating them. The accused highway construction contractor of damaging their standing crops, tube well without the consent of farmers. When the work did not stop, farmers dug pits on the land to half bury themselves in it to lodge a protest. The protest continued for a couple of days and was partially withdrawn after district administration assured of appropriate action into the matter. Farmers had submitted a memorandum to the district administration demanded 10 times compensation against surrendering irrigable land, which is a source of income for them. The other demands include government job for a member of the affected family, to give free access to the local residents of Laxmangarh tehsil, the share of farmers in toll amount collected, provide alternate house and tube well to farmers whose land is being acquired. Sikar district collector Naresh Kumar Thakral said that issues of farmers will be addressed and demands will be looked into before commencing work.

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Kisan Sangarsh Samiti ,Laxmangarh

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