Mini India Park opposed by villagers in Quellosim in South Goa

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November 4, 2019

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South Goa

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Residents of Quellosim village have opposed a floating recreational project known as Mini India Park proposed by Punebased firm Movaj Enterprises near the banks of the River Zuari. The park proposed to consist of floating replicas of India's famous monuments that tourists could access by boats. The project also includes 5star resort, houseboats, floating cottages and water sports activities over 35,000 square metres out of total 9 lakh square metres of land under the companys ownership. The company had approached the CortalimQuellosim panchayat in 2012 to seek its approval and has been opposed by villagers who said that the project is located in an ecosensitive tidal wetland. In 2014, villagers stopped the company from building floating platforms by filing a complaint with the panchayat alleging violations of the Coastal Regulation Zone Notification, 2011. In 2016, the panchayat approved the project. The Goa Investment Promotion and Facilitation Board (known commonly as IPB), a state body headed by the chief minister, also granted inprinciple approval to the project in July 2016, which led the firm to restart the construction. In January 2017, the villagers filed a complaint before the Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority or GCZMA alleging illegal dumping of mud in ecosensitive areas. A case was filed in NGT subsequently. In May 2017, a site inspection by the GCZMA, under NGT directions, found that dumping of mud was carried out in areas classified as nodevelopment zone under the Coastal Regulatory Zone or CRZ Notification. The inspection also said that sluice gates that regulate the flow of tidal water into the wetland had not been opened, affecting its ecology. The NGT in August 2017 asked for an action plan to open sluice gates of the property in order to restore it to its natural condition. The gates were opened in January 2018. The case is pending before the NGT and no work is in progress. Meanwhile on 8 December 2017 the IPB withdrew its approval to the project, among 13 such projects located in CRZ areas.

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Goa State Coastal Zone Management Authority

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Movaj Enterprises

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