Jaipur: Khadda Basti Slum Dwellers Refuse to Move into New Housing Scheme

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Ashish GaurLand Conflict Watch

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October 6, 2019

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Khadda Basti, a slum is located in heart of the city. Nonright holders have encroached on the land meant for Saket Colony residents for years. Most of the people are labor families, women work as domestic helpers. In 2011, members of Saket Vikas Colony Samiti moved court after Jaipur Development Authority could not get the land vacated. When high court directed the state government to get the land vacated, the matter moved to Supreme Court as settlers insisted for regularisation of land. Supreme Court also upheld High Court order. They have to be rehabilitated 5km away in Paldi Meena area. Paldi Meena is the rehab site where the administration is convincing them to shift. People are not ready to leave the land but the government has to comply with the court's order. Government is convincing slum dwellers to shift to affordable housing scheme at Paldi Meena. Court has directed to get the land vacated and auction the 55 plots. Counsel of the Saket Colony Vikas Samiti, Vimal Chaudhary said that Supreme Court has upheld high court and settlers have to be rehabilitated. Total 534 households affected have to be shifted even if they resist.

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Jaipur Development Authority

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Saket Colony Vikas Samiti

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