Dangawas Caste Clash

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February 8, 2021

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Caste-Based Conflict



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The land conflict was on 23 bighas land in Dangawas, which was transferred to late Basti Ram who was adopted son of Ratnaram Meghwal. The Dalit family was economically backward and had borrowed Rs 1500 from one Jat family nearly 40 years ago by giving land cultivating rights to them. Nearly 20 years ago, Dalit family returned the borrowed money. However, members of Jat family refused to return land. Later, the matter reached local Court which gave a decision in favor of Dalit family. In March 2015, the dailt family took courage and took possession of land. In May 2015, nearly 250-300 members of Jat community attacked the family with arms, sticks, sharp-edged weapons. Women were molested, men were severely beaten. Members of Jat community filmed the entire incident and circulated the video on social media. Considering the gravity of the matter, Rajasthan government handed over the matter to CID and later the case was referred to CBI for investigation. Nearly six people were arrested in the case. Later CBI filed a charge-sheet against 34 accused and arrested 17 of the accused. Six dalits were killed and nearly a dozen was injured when people from Jat community attacked them over a land dispute.

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Rajasthan Government

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