Catholic Hospital attacked by mob over a land dispute in Ujjain

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Satyendra Singh NarwariaLand Conflict Watch

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October 6, 2019

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UjjainMaria Nagar, Dewas Road



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Madhya Pradesh



Pushpa missionary hospital in Ujjain is allegedly attacked by locals, which was led by BJP activists on March 12, 2018 after a dispute over a certain piece of land. Both the sides claim it to be theirs. Chintamani Malviya, spokesperson and an MP from the ruling party in Madhya Pradesh stated that the hospital had encroached on a private persons land. Malviya also said that the minority community has lo st the casein the High Court and Lower Court following which the landowner demolished the unauthorized construction and even after losing the Court cases, the missionaries were not vacating the encroached area. He also said that the district administration has marked out the areas which are owned by both the parties. He further maintained that neither the owner nor his men attacked nurses. On the other hand, the Catholics are shocked about the attack on them. With such repeated attacks on Christian institutions, the minorities feel unsafe as Archbishop of Bhopal, Leo Cornelio strongly condemned the attack and further call it a systematic planning to create disturbance and violence. The hospital staff was also surprised as the local cops and other senior officials didnt respond to them. Bishop Vadakkel told the news reporter that "even staff nurses, who approached the women's police station to lodge a complaint, were turned away." More than 60 people attacked and pulled down the boundary wall of Pushpa Mission Hospital in the temple town of Ujjain, in a state considered to be a hotbed of antiChristian violence. Nearly 200 patients including 12 in the intensive care unit in serious danger.

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Government of Madhya Pradesh

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Catholic Church , Bharatiya Janata Party

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