Army Continues to Occupy Prime Public Land in Srinagar

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Athar ParvaizLand Conflict Watch

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January 6, 2020

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Jammu and Kashmir



In recent years, the Jammu & Kashmir government has been trying to convince the army to vacate 139 acres of land which it is occupying in Batamaloo area of Srinagar (Toto Ground), the heart of the city. However, there has been no breakthrough so far as the army is allegedly dillydallying even as it has been provided with 100 acres of land at an alternate place. Since 2003, successive governments have been urging the army to vacate the land and allow the government to use that space for creating some open space in the city which has witnessing massive urbanisation over the past few decades. According to a study carried out by researchers of Kashmir Universitys department of Geography, the city has grown 12 times in terms of population and 23 times in terms of area between 1901 and 2011. Another report in 2011, said that Srinagar city is one of the 100 fastest growing urban areas in the world. The occupation of prime public land in the heart of the Srinagar city by the army, has aggrieved the local population. Locals say that it is a source of discomfort for the people of the region as it not only hinders the free movement of people but has also made it impossible for the civilian population to raise any infrastructure for the public use on the state land. The government has been planning to establish a huge public recreational park in the area apart from using a segment of this land for the extension of a bus terminus. "If the army vacates this land, it can be used for public good. The government in Srinagar is already facing scarcity of land and feels compelled to built important infrastructure such as hospitals and disasterprone sites like flood basins which often get inundated by floods," said Noor Mohammad, a businessman in Batamaloo.

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State of Jammu & Kashmir , Indian Army

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