Bhils of Gujarat denied land compensation since three decades

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February 8, 2021

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This is A Schedule Five District

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Irrigation Dam



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In 1978, the Gujarat Government decided to construct a dam on the Machhan River and close to 600 families were relocated. These families, mostly belonging to the Bheel tribe, are still waiting for adequate compensation. They have been compensated with money, however, it the land that they want. They had been promised some land in Kalitala (forest area about 10 kms before Dahod on the Godhra-Dahod Highway), but the forest department hasnt acknowledged their rights over the said land. Although the Machannala Dam is categorised as an irrigation dam, the water for irrigation never reached the villages- Sampoi, Raniar, Varod, Nan Salai, Chansar and Tandi, where the displaced people live. Many of these families were part of the long march by farmers that took place in Mumbai in March 2018, and in earlier protests in Gujarat as well.

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