Uranium Mining Displaced Demand Regular Work, Protest Work to Outsiders

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December 3, 2019

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Seraikela Kharsawan

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Uranium Mining

Uranium mining



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Displaced and project affected tribal families of Mohuldih uranium mining operated by Uranium Corporation of India are protesting against the temporary job and job allocation to outsiders. The protest is being led by Ganesh Mahali, a leader of ruling Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP). Mahali told [www.landconflictwatch.org](http://www.landconflictwatch.org) that nearly 200 displaced and affected families of the mining project are regularly denied job. UCIL being a government company should ensure that displaced get the preference for work as they gave up their land to pave way for mining, he said. Mahali alleged that it's difficult to believe but it's true that company has outsourced jobs to private companies that do not ensure enough job days for displaced. If this is not enough, jobs are allotted to outsiders. Villagers are extremely angry", he added. Heavy police deployment was made to control the anger of protestors. UCIL management and district administration tried to bring agitating villagers on the negotiation table. However, villagers refused to start negotiation without written assurance. The stalemate was finally broken after district administration and UCIL called for a tripartite meeting to resolve the issue. The meeting will be held on July 27. This is not the first time protest has marred the Mohuldih mines. In 2012, villagers locked horns with UCIL over wage rate fixing. The Mohuldih mining lease is for 288 acres and UCIL has decided to expand it further and add 35 acres of land. It has an investment of capital work in progress of Rs 71 crores for the fiscal year 20142015.

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Government of Jharkhand, Uranium Corporation of India

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