People Lost Their IFR Claimed Land to CAMPA Fencing

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Asha VermaLand Conflict Watch

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February 8, 2021

Location of Conflict



Baloda Bazar

Reason or Cause of Conflict


CAMPA fencing



People Affected by Conflict


Land Area Affected (in Hectares)






Conservation and Forestry

Four farmers from the Kasaundi village who were practicing farming in their IFR claimed land for 20 years have been denied their rights under FRA, 2006 by the Forest Department. In the year 2012, their crops were destroyed overnight by the forest department and their cattle were sent to the Kanji house. After a lot of convincing and requests, they got back their cattle. Now in the year 2016, their land has been fenced by the FD under CAMPA about which they got the information from the beat guard. They went to the collector for appealing against the fencing of their IFR claimed land to which the collector ordered an inquiry by the Ranger. Ranger then verified the area and wrote that this land cant be issued under IFR title to the farmers as it comes under the forest area which is also claimed by the revenue department of the state. Now the farmers who have no other land holding are entirely dependent on the labour work for their livelihood and are also migrant workers in the nearby cities as the forest department is not letting them practice agriculture in their claimed land and is deploying coercive measures like- letting the cattle lose for grazing their crops, arresting the cattle used in agriculture and throwing away their taunga-nagar.

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Type of Land


Private and Common

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State Forest Department

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