Odisha Forest Department Grants Transit Permit to Pipadi Farmers To Sell Bamboo

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May 21, 2020

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The Pipadi Village Assembly in Odisha's Kalahandi district has been demanding transit permit from the state to sell bamboo since March 2018. Section 3(1)(c) of the Forest Rights Act (FRA) grants indigenous forest dwellers the right to own, collect, use and dispose of minor forest produce (MFP), such as bamboo. A permit will allow the farmers to transport and sell the MFP commercially. In March 2018, the divisional forest officer (DFO) of Kalahandi rejected the Village Assembly's request for a permit saying that the village's Community Forest Resource title deed placed a limit on the collection and sale of MFP up to head load or cart/cycle load and that there was no provision in it to allow the commercial sale and transport of such forest produce. Legal experts say that the DFO's contention does not hold good as Section 4(5) of the FRA stipulates that forest-dwelling communities can manage forest resources by themselves.

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