Mohan Road Yojna of Lucknow Development Authority faces protest by farmers

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December 3, 2019

Location of Conflict

Pyarepur Kallikheda



Reason or Cause of Conflict

Township/Real Estate



People Affected by Conflict

Land Area Affected (in Hectares)




Uttar Pradesh



The Mohan Road Yojana Of the Lucknow Development Authority, which received much appreciation during the UP Investor's Summit is encountering severe protests from the farmers, whose lands have been acquired. The LDA's attempts of claiming the land have failed with the protesters chasing their team away from the site. The protesting farmers who have stalled the project, demand a compensation fourfold than the Circle Rate. They have also approached the District Magistrate to redress their complaint.LDA Secretary Mangla Prasad says talks with the farmers are ongoing.

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Lucknow Development Authority

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