Local Residents of South Goa Want Western Bypass Highway Project to be Scrapped

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Navelim Salcette taluk

South Goa

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Residents of Navelim village, a panchayat area on the outskirts of Margao town in South Goa, have been protesting against a proposed highway called western bypass. It is said to be a bypass for National Highway66, and is proposed by the Union ministry of highways and executed by the Goa state public works department. Nearly 4.5 lakh square meters of land have been acquired since 2003. The acquisition has taken place under the old land acquisition act of 1894 by invoking the infamous urgency clause. The proposal has been criticised for bulldozing over wetlands, paddy fields, and green areas. Locals are afraid that construction over wetlands will raise the risk of floods. Nearly half of the land acquired is under active paddy cultivation, while nearly 1400 trees are to be cut, for which the state forest department has given its clearance. People have written to the state government and also done several demonstrations at the site, where work is in progress. In May 2016, the BJPled state government promised to build the bypass on stilts so that wetlands are not disturbed. But this failed to placate the villagers in any case, there was no official change in the construction plans. In August 2016, a gram sabha of the Navelim panchayat passed a unanimous resolution demanding the bypass project be scrapped. With no resolution in sight, some locals have threatened to move to the National Green Tribunal. They have also alleged that road construction is progressing in areas outside those acquired. In March 2017, they even blocked the road to stop dumpers that were carrying construction material.

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Government of Goa, Public Works Department, Village Panchayat of Navelim

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