Illegal eviction of Baiga tribespeople from Bhoramdev Tiger Reserve

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Asha VermaLand Conflict Watch

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December 3, 2019

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In the year 2013, two villages Rajanacha and Baijadhap primarily inhabited by Baiga tribespeople near the Bhoramdeo Wildlife sanctuary were razed down by Chhattisgarh Forest Department. The department believed that they posed threat to wildlife. Around 60 families became homeless in one day. Baigas have been displaced multiple times in this region to make way for Bauxite mining by Vedanta in the year 2003, and then for tiger corridor. Each time without settling their forest and land rights under the Forest Rights Act of (FRA) 2006. This is a violation of their rights protected under FRA. When media and activists approached Forest Department about Baigas eviction, the department justified its action by saying that it was done to protect tigers. However, the department has also accepted that threat from the national highway and mining activities around the reserve is more threatening for tigers than Baigas. The evicted Baiga families are now living on the fringes of the reserve and working as a daily wage earner in nearby vedanta mines and kawardha district as they dont have land to do farming. They are also restricted from entering the forest on which they depended to earn their livelihood. Baigas demand settlement of their land and forest rights under FRA. They are unhappy but haven't protested for the fear of forest department. Some of them have spoken to local media to get their voices out.

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