GosiKhurd Dam Irrigation Project

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Irrigation Dam



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Forest and Non-Forest, Non-Forest (Grazing Land), Non-Forest (Other than Grazing Land)





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The GosiKhurd project, on the Wainganga River in Maharastras eastern Vidarbha region, was approved in 1982 and launched by the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1984. The project is still incomplete and there are alleged irregularities in construction of dams, rehabilitation of affected people, environmental clearances, and finances. About one lakh people are affected by the construction of the dam. GosiKhurd Prakalpgrast Sangharsh Samiti has been organizing protest marches against the delay in the rehabilitation of the projectaffected persons from time to time. Dams construction cost has escalated from 370 crores to 17000 crores. Till today, several displaced people have not been properly rehabilitated. The major source of income for the affected families was agriculture.The government has decided to support them with allied agriculture services like livestock rearing, skill training for youth and goat farming. The major displaced person are facing livelihood issues. Many fisherman communities got affected due to polluted water of the dam. Dam is polluted due to Nagpur cities sewerage that flows through Nag river and Kanhan river and merges with Wainganga river where the dam is situated. The project is yet to complete an irrigation canal. The rehabilitation and resettlement issues are still there. In the meantime, there were several allegations of irregularities in payment to contractors.

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Land Acquisition (Revenue) Department, Irrigation Department, Forest Department, Department of Police, Vidarbha Irrigation Development Corporation

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