Farmers in Telangana's Medak District Demand Ownership of Agricultural Land

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January 19, 2021

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Papannapet Mandal



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Communal/Ethnic Conflict



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Farmers of more than 100 households in Papannapet village, which falls under Papannapet mandal (tehsil) in Medak district, are demanding ownership rights over land that they have been cultivating and living in for more than four generations, according to a news report. The farmers claim that Raja Narender Reddy, a former zamindar (landlord), owns around 1,100 acres of land in the village of the 1,429 acres that was allotted to his father, Sadashiva Reddy, during the colonial rule. This, they allege, is a violation of the Land Ceiling Act, which caps the land holding size of an individual at 50 acres. In 1948, a few of the households received 38 E certificates for the remaining 329 acres under the Andhra Pradesh (Telangana Area) Tenancy and Agricultural Lands Act, which is equivalent to getting land registered in their names. However, they are yet to receive title deeds for the land, which is registered in the name of Reddy (is this the 1,100 acres of 329 acres?). In June 2018, the farmers protested in front of the Mandal Revenue Office (MRO), demanding land rights and registration of land titles in their names. They claim that development work on the 1,100 acres in the village has stalled as Reddy's family does not allow any construction. A village resident says they are not able to build concrete roads or walls for the village school or even dig borewells. In a media interview in July 2018, revenue officer J. Ramulu stated that the MRO can only act in the matter when a judgement is delivered in the land ceiling case, which was filed a few years ago and is pending with the Medak district court (any update on this?).

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Demand for legal recognition of land rights

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Government of Telangana

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Raja Narender Reddy, a former zamindar

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