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Ongoing Conflicts

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People Affected

₹ 3.1 t

Investment affected
Three acres of land

The annulment of Jammu & Kashmir’s Roshni Act left its beneficiaries under constant fear of losing land

Devil is in the details

The faulty implementation of Forest Rights Act is hindering tribals from receiving their rightful land titles

First action, then law

धार्मिक स्थलों को तोड़े जाने और भूमि अतिक्रमण के नए प्रावधानों के कारण उत्तराखंड में बढ़ रहा सांप्रदायिक तनाव

Lives behind green sheets

Those forced to stay behind green sheets paid the real price of beautifying a city for an international event

The not so green side

As companies make a beeline in Rajasthan for renewable energy projects, disappearing orans and ponds anger villagers


Sowing futures.

Dear reader,

As we walk into 2024, Land Conflict Watch (LCW) is inspired by communities and individuals who are taking bold steps to protect and nurture land for a better tomorrow. As a tribute to their perseverance, we have curated this Seed Calendar, with 12 varieties of grains that you can sow in your backyard or in pots in your balcony. 

The handcrafted calendar comprises a footprint of Suman Tai, who hails from the Dhimar community in Paradsinga village of Madhya Pradesh. She wanders the Satpura forest to collect wild edible flowers such as Billori and sells it to make her ends meet. For 45 years, Tai has lived a life closely entangled with forests. However, she has been robbed of the secrets of the forest – its pathways – passed on to her by her ancestors, thanks to Dolomite mines in the region.
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At Land Conflict Watch, we believe that sustainable economic growth cannot be achieved without paying heed to communities that rely on these resources. And that land conflicts can be resolved and minimised by facilitating decision-making based on research rooted in the lived realities of citizens. 

With this belief, each month we share with you a glimpse of one real-life story of communities or individuals surrounding land rights. We hope that their stories find your attention in packed schedules of daily lives. So that you become a part of their journey next year, when we report updates on their struggles along with 12 new stories of perseverance. 

Every month of the calendar highlights one significant date of crucial changes or judgements that have shaped the Indian landscape (literally). These biodegradable and recyclable papers are also embedded with seeds of Amaranthus, Spinach, Roselle, Bottle Gourd, Purslane, Senna Tora, Carrot, Brinjal, Chilli, Tomato, Coriander, Fenugreek and Cucumber. To sow the seeds, you can simply bury the paper in the soil.  

You can click on the link to read the expanded versions of these stories and write to us to place an order for this calendar enclosed in a wooden box with a placeholder. 

May this footprint and the stories inspire you to remain undeterred in your path to sow better futures.

Happy New Year. 

Anupa Kujur 

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The rich, the poor and the law

Guwahati authorities razed over 900 houses of the poor but the encroached properties of the powerful stand tall

Niether water nor land

India’s first river linking project meant to end Bundelkhand’s woes could exacerbate livelihood struggles

Underneath the rubble

Over 1,208 structures, mostly  belonging to one community, were razed down in what a court called "ethnic cleansing"

A photograph to remember

The after story a viral video of a cameraperson stomping on the bullet-ridden, lifeless body of a farmer in Assam

Error 404!

A 'tech solution' to review rejected Forest Rights Act claims heightened the fear of dispossession among tribals

Fishing without nets

How a ban on purse-seine fishing in Tamil Nadu has threatened thousands of fishers’ livelihoods

Mission on, Moolah missing

n the climate change battle, developing nations are forced to fend for themselves as developed countries shy away from financial commitments