An analysis of over 700 ongoing land conflicts and a study of the social, economic and legislative factors causing these conflicts. It lays the foundation for future investigations and research around the political economy of land in India.

Key findings from our research:

Total Conflicts Reported
Total People Affected by Land Conflicts
Land Area (in hectares) Affected
Crores (in INR) Investment Affected
Land Use
Conservation and Forestry
Filter by State:
Number of Land Conflicts by Sector
Infrastructure projects have caused the largest number of conflicts.
Number of People Affected by Sector
Infrastructure-related conflicts also affect the highest number of people.
Sector-wise Distribution of Land Conflicts in Districts Affected by Left-Wing Extremism*
Total conflicts reported in these districts.
*Violence/Insurgency by Ultra-Left armed groups.
Sector-wise Division of Land Conflicts in Schedule Five Districts*
Total number of conflicts reported in these districts.
*Tribals living in Schedule Five Areas enjoy special protection under the Constitution.
Ongoing Conflicts by
Starting Year
Land conflicts can stretch over several decades. Recent conflicts get captured more in the media.
Number of Land Conflicts by Land Type*
More than two-third of the conflicts involve common lands.
Number of People Affected by Land Type*
Conflicts involving common land impact 78% of the conflict-affected population.
Land under private ownership.
Land owned by the government or communities but traditionally used by communities.

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