Women protest against alleged Land-Grabbing under Afforestation Program in Jharkhand

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Bhasker TripathiLand Conflict Watch

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February 8, 2021

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Conservation and Forestry

In Tilabad village, Sundar Pahadi block, Godda district of Jharkhand, 31.56 ha. land in the village has IFR claims over it by 39 villagers, of which 10 claims have so far been granted. 70.81 ha. of CFR land has been set aside by the Forest department to use for plantations, affecting 105 families. The planted area falls under the potential CFR land for which claims have not been filed so far.The move has greatly inconvenienced the villagers but it has also awakened them to their rights. The women folk are also adversely affected as they are not being allowed to collect fuelwood for their domestic needs. They have gotten together to form the "Mahila Van Adhikar Samiti" to attract attention towards their grievances.

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Forest Department of Jharkhand

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