Tribespeople Lost their CFR Claimed Cultural Space and livelihood to CAMPA Fencing

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Asha VermaLand Conflict Watch

Last updated on

October 6, 2019

Location of Conflict



Baloda Bazar

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Reason or Cause of Conflict


Fencing of CFR claimed land under CAMPA fund



Type of Land


Type of Common Land





Conservation and Forestry

Starting Year


People Affected
by Conflict


Investment Affected (in Crores)

Land Area Affected (in Hectares)


Sonakhan and other nearby villages including Sarasdol, Basenpalli, Chikhli, Sariya Bhata, Gauhakuda, Mahkam, Nawagaon and Blar claimed for Community Forest rights under FRA in the year 2015 and are yet to receive titles. They are now facing the challenge of diversion of their CFR land for plantation and fencing under CAMPA fund by the Forest Department. These villages have Gond and Bhinjwara tribe people living and dependent on the forest for various MFP and firewood collection, not only livelihood but their cultural place i.e. Kurrupat (Dev Sthal for Gond tribe) is also located inside the forest of Sonakhan range which has been claimed under CFR. Villagers came to know about the fencing inside the forest in September 2017 through the beat guard. Losing their Dev Sthal and source of livelihood agitated them. More so, none of the village Gram Sabha's were consulted or informed before starting the fencing work. Now the village residents have started to organize meetings of all the affected villages to form the strategy against the fencing, as it is the violation of the FRA.

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Forest Department

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Sajag Dalit Adivasi Manch

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