Students Protest to Get the Encroachment Removed From the Playground

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Ashish GaurLand Conflict Watch

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October 28, 2019

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The conflict is on government school land where nearly halfadozen nonright holders have encroached upon school land. The encroachment started in 2013, which is now on 1.5 bigha land of the school in Dahimatha Panchayat of Bhilwara district of Rajasthan. Encroachers are powerful people of the village who have set up cow sheds and dairy farm. School administration had written for encroachment removal several times but to no avail, the school principal said. Recently, agitated school students and villagers locked the main gate. They locked school administration as they failed to get the encroachment removed despite repeated request. Villagers also got involved to put pressure on school administration as well as on administrative officials of the school in demand to remove encroachment so that students get to play sports.

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Govt. Higher Secondary School, Dahimatha

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