Revdi Bazar Merchants oppose Metro construction in Ahmedabad

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January 6, 2020

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As the construction of the first phase of the Ahmedabad Metro rail project gets under way, the homes and commercial establishments belonging to 1,047 families in Ahmedabad are expected to be affected. A merchant establishment in Revdi Bazar has 455 shops and an additional 68odd illegal extensions, is one such market complex to be affected. The merchants say that nearly 5,000 square metres of their total of 10,000 square metres of land would go into the project and associated road deduction. The project involves the acquisition of 89.81 hectares. Of this, 84.65 hectares is government land and 5.16 hectares private. A total of 1,047 properties will be affected, out of which 548 are residential, 351 commercial and 144 residentialcumcommercial. The remaining one is an industrial establishment. About 36 additional structures that are likely to be affected include 11 religious structures. This land was given to the society by the Union government for Sindhi settlers after Partition. They claim to have been in the wholesale business for decades and are now on the verge of losing their clientele and livelihoods. The society, therefore, had demanded 10,000 square metres at an open mill land nearby, to relocate the 60yearold market. The Revdi Bazaar traders association has sent four reminders to the AMC about the issue. On 1st Jan 2018, Naroda MLA Balram Thawani led a delegation of 50 Sindhi community members including those from Revdi Bazaar to meet chief minister Vijay Rupani. Results of the meeting are not known yet.

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