Residents Protest Against the Beach Sand Mining in Alapuzzha

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December 3, 2019

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Sand Mining

Sand Mining



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Kerala Rare Earth and Minerals Ltd. is a joint venture company that has been mining sand near the harbor areas in Valiyazhikkal and Thottapilly areas of Alappuzha district in Kerala. Very little information seems to be available publicly on the project, although sand mining has been a matter of contention in Kerala due to the presence of several rare minerals in beach sand in certain districts. According to a member of Green Roots, an environmental organization based in Alappuzzha, protests were intensified in 2013 after the realization that the mining was not stopping, and residents began to realize the full implications of the mining. Environmental impact assessment or public consultation has not been done for the project. Local sources allege that the communities were told that the project is an expansion of existing harbor. Most of the protest was from local residents, especially fishermen and supported by other Keralabased people's and environmental organizations. In 2016, residents and local environmental organizations further intensified protests and cordoned the area in an attempt to stop mining equipment and vehicles from entering. The mining stopped in June 2017, presumably due to the expiry of license, and protests were stopped, but locals are worried that operations may resume if their license is renewed.

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Janakeeya Prathirodh Samiti (People's Resistance Committee), Green Roots (environmental NGO in the area)

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Kerala Rare Earths and Minerals Limited

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