Residents Demand Forest Rights in Odisha

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Sanghamitra DubeyLand Conflict Watch

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October 6, 2019

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Conservation and Forestry

In Ranpur village, located in Junagarh Block of South Forest Division, Kalahandi, only 10 out of 350 households have been granted Individual Forest Rights Titles for their land under the Forest Rights Act, 2006. The rest are still awaiting recognition of their rights. The Community Forest Rights of the village residents have already been recognised for more than 148.20 hectares of land. Despite this, the Forest Department took up an afforestation drive in OctoberNovember 2017 under CAMPA funds over the lands already recognised under Forest Rights Act 2006 and threatened the residents against entering the planted area. This has barred the communities access to the collection of NonTimber Forest Produce which is their only source of livelihood. The Gram Sabha members were preparing to file a petition at the time of reporting, demanding the restoration of the Individual Forest Rights and Community Forest Rights of the village residents for unrestricted access.

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