People Stage 'Jalsamadhi' Against Admin's Failure to Safegaurd Them From Monsoon Flooding

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December 3, 2019

Location of Conflict

Tamkuhi raaj



Reason or Cause of Conflict

Irrigation Dam



People Affected by Conflict

Land Area Affected (in Hectares)




Uttar Pradesh



Tamkuhiraj is a block in Kushinagar district of southern UP. Burhi Gandak and Choti Gandak are the main rivers. This block is particularly vulnerable to flooding. The other blocks of the district like Padrauna, Hata and Kasya are also severely affected every monsoon. Two months back the people of Tamkuhi, with support of the local MLA Ajay kumar Laloo, agitated for commencement of the flood relief work before the monsoon rain. They demanded that the dam be repaired. The dharna lasted for almost a week, ending when the irrigation department officials visited the affected block and the bank of Gandak river. The officials had started flood relief work so as to change the path of the Gandak river. When Nepal releases flood water it flows into and ends up swelling the Gandak. A boundary separates the water catchment zone of the Gandak in the NorthEast side and other streams towards the SouthEast. MLA Ajay said that even though the department had started the relief work, the locals were not satisfied with the progress. He said the dam had been badly damaged in the last flood, and the pace of the relief work was very uninspiring and the process quite unorganized. If the department did not expedite the work then they will soon resume their agitation. The locals had previously demonstrated by means of a Jalsamadhi in the river, whereby they half submerged themselves in the water as a way of protest. They had also held a dharna protest outside the block offices. The MLA said they wont wait any longer and get started with their protests again unless the irrigation department made adequate arrangements to safeguard the block from submerging this monsoon and sustain similar damage as the preceding years.

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Non-Forest (Grazing Land)

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Irrigation Department, Uttar Pradesh

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