People Desplaced by Koska Dam Demand Rehabilitation in Odisha

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This is a Left Wing Extremism Affected District

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Irrigation Dam



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Construction of the Koska Irrigation Dam commenced in the year 1971 and got completed in 1978 in Nayagarh district of Odisha. About 15 families in Ambaatha village were shifted to Krushnapalli village after their village got completely submerged in the dam. The total geographical area of village is 229 hectares. The government of Odisha had promised all basic amenities to the displaced families. This included agricultural lands with irrigation facilities, education and health services in the resettled areas. The displaced families, however, allege that these promises have not been fulfilled in the last threeandahalf decades. The government had assured the villagers of fertile land near the resettlement site for agriculture and to live in but has still not allotted any of it. The displaced families from Krushnapalli village have submitted a memorandum to the District Collector on February 4, 2017 demanding permanent land titles as promised by the government. Their demand has not been met yet.

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District Administration of Nayagarh

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