LDA Land Got Encorached by Village Residents

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October 6, 2019

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Uttar Pradesh


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LDA acquired around 2.5 hectares of land in Ujriyaon village near Janeshwar Park of Gomti Nagar area, 15 years ago. Although the owners of the land had been compensated, LDA did not take possession of the land. In the following years, people encroached upon the land to construct houses and shops, as LDA had not launched any scheme upon it. When the land was required, LDA tried to bring down the illegal constructions but had to face a stiff opposition in doing so. Like other villages of Gomti Nagar, in 2002 LDA acquired khasra no. 1280 in Ujriyaon village. This village is next to Vijay Khand. Government documents mention the above acquisition since 1983. Five Bighas of Khasra no. 1280c comes under sledge farm, whereas khasra no. 1280 belongs to the village community. Its ownership lies with the Municipal Corporation now. The enquiry by LDA reveals that residents from the nearby village have illegally constructed houses there. When the LDA team went there in July, 2017 with police force to bring down the illegal construction, many women gathered to protest. It had to return due to stiff opposition from the villagers.

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Lucknow Development Authority , Municipal Corporation

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