LDA goofs up on Land Use, allots plots on graveyards, ponds etc.

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October 28, 2019

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Uttar Pradesh



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Lucknow Development Authority (LDA), in different township projects across the city, allocated plots to people, without performing a land survey of the areas. Many of the plots are falling on graveyards, ponds, and parts of the land where slums are located. Mansarovar Yojna, situated on the Kanpur Road has 46 plots falling on designated ponds. Half of the allottees have already got their registries done. Whent the allottees started protesting LDA informed them that it is preparing the land use map again, and the allotments will be redone according to the new map, after it is approved. The case is pending before the court. In Vasant Kunj township project located on Hardoi Road, more than 1,000 people have been allotted land but LDA never got the land use changed. The project has already been delayed by more than a decade, and now LDA is saying that it will hand over the plots after the land use change is done. The process of land use change is stuck at the office of the land planning department. People are running from office to office to get the possession. More than 100 allottees could net get their possession because LDA allotted them plots on the same land where slumdwellers have been living illegally for a really long time. None of the allottees could get their plots registered on the land due to the opposition from the slumdwellers. In Gomti Nagar, LDA allotted many plots on the common land falling under Gram Sabha's control. Many of these plots are falling on 'Eidgaah' and 'Graveyard'. People could not get their plots because of the opposition from the villagers. Allottees are alleging that LDA does not seem very active in dealing with the situation.

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