Karadiyas protest against land grabbing by Bhavnagar MLA

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Aditi PatilLand Conflict Watch

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January 6, 2020

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land grabbing of Karadiyas



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The Karadiya Rajputs protested in thousands following filing of criminal cases against one of their leaders from Budhel village, Dansang Mori. The community alleges that the cases have been lodged at the instance of Jitu Vaghani, BJP MLA from Bhavnagar. Mori has been facing around four criminal cases which he alleges were registered after he objected to construction work on the village gauchar land allegedly under Vaghanis directions. Mori was then the sarpanch of Budhel village. In February 2017, Jitu Vaghani asked Mori to pass a resolution giving 17 bighas of land to a trust which is run by Vaghani. Mori refused to pass any resolution as the land was grazing land and was priced at Rs. 1.25 crore per bigha and the village has a population of 1,900 houses with this land being the village's only grazing/pastoral land. Dansang was then charged with four cases, allegedly under Vaghani's directions, including that of robbing a mobile of Rs. 1,200. Karadiyas claim the looting case was registered when Dansang had gone to help an accident victim. The community had registered its loudest protest at Bavla village in Ahmedabad district in November 2017, where thousands of Rajputs came together, sounding an ultimatum that if Vaghani did not resign as party president within 10 days, they would vote against the BJP. The issue had reached the Rajputs in Saurashtra region as well. The community has been organizing protests against Vaghani in various parts of the region throughout November 2017. Later on, some of the cases were withdrawn against Mori but the gauchar land is still being threatened by land grabbers seemed to be directed by Vaghani.

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Bhartiya Janta Party

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