Gurugram Village Residents Demand More Money for the Land Sold in 2012

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October 28, 2019

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Ram Garh



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On June 6, Ram Garh village in Gurugram district of Haryana witnessed a clash between the villagers and Haryana Police. The incident occurred when the construction company, Ansal Housing tried to evict villagers from a 10 acre disputed piece of land by calling the police. The disputed land is now owned by the Ansal Housing after the villagers sold their land to the company in 2012. The company wants to construct a school there. After acquiring the land, the Ansals created a boundary wall. They have got the necessary approvals from the administration now. However, the villagers now feel that they were not paid enough for the land. Now they want a higher price for the land. According to the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Sohna, Gurugram, the villagers are driven by greed. "They just want more money. They do not have any legal right over the land, they have already sold it," the ACP said. The locals, however, maintained that the land was taken from them using force. According to a local, Ravindra, back in 2012, the villages sold their land from fear that the government will acquire the land. "They sold the land for around two crores per acre," he said. "Now they want better rates for their land and therefore not leaving the area," Om Veer, a local resident said. While the locals also claimed that they have gotten a stay order on the construction project from the High Court, they failed to back their claim with any legal documentation.

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Ansal Housing and Construction Ltd

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