Forest Department Forcefully Handovers Community Forest to JFM Committee

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In the year 2013, the residents of Ostapanga village in Harichandanpur block of Keonjhar district demarcated village forest boundaries and claimed the community forest rights over it under the Forest Rights Act, 2006. Their claims are still pending with the district administration of Keonjhar. The conflict started when the Forest Department demarcated 50 hectares of forest land and made boundaries forcefully in their village forest land in June 2016. The Gram Sabha of Ostapanga unanimously condemned the arbitrary decisions of Forest Department and sent their resolution to the Forest Department. In spite of this, the Forest Department is planning to hand over part of the village forest land of Ostapanga to the members of Van Surakshya Samiti (VSS), formed under the government scheme of Joint Forest Management, in the neighboring village Madhepur. The Ostapanga villagers strongly protested the move of Forest Department and send their Gram Sabha Resolution held on 30 Jan 2017 to the Chief Secretary and other authorities of Odisha. The Ostapanga villagers are closely watching the move of Forest Department.

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Forest Department, Odisha

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