Fishing in Lake Objected by Brahmins in Sabarkantha Leading to Suspension of Fishing License

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January 6, 2020

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The collector of Sabarkantha district in Gujarat has suspended fishing licenses of fisherfolk in Pratapsagar lake following objections raised by regional Brahmin community a "high" social caste in India that fishing in the lake hurts their religious feelings. A petition was moved by Asha Matsya Vikas Khedut Mangalam Mandal, fisherfolk cooperative, on 29th August 2018 against this suspension. According to the petition, the Government had issued an advertisement for tender for fishing contract in June 2017. The associations tender was accepted and on October 24, 2017, the contract was awarded for fishing in Pratapsagar reservoir for five years with retrospective effect from July 2017 to June 2022. One Hiralal Punamlal Joshi from the district had filed a PIL in the High Court, challenging the tender on the ground that fishing in the Pratapsagar lake amounted to hurting religious feelings, as the Brahmins were vegetarian and they didn't approve the killing of fish. However, he later withdrew it. Despite the withdrawal of this PIL the district authorities have not revoked the suspension of the fishing license. The Gujarat High Court had sought the Governments reply by September 9, 2018 but there are no updates on the Government's reply.

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District Administrator, Sabarkantha.

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