Farmers protest over selling land by Punjab Agri Bank for non-payment of loans

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Damandeep SinghLand Conflict Watch

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October 29, 2019

Location of Conflict

Patiala Ropar, Sangrur, Ludhiana,Barnala, Fatehgarh sahib



Reason or Cause of Conflict


non-payment of loans by farmers



People Affected by Conflict


Land Area Affected (in Hectares)






Punjab Agriculture Development Bank (PADB) has prepared a list of 12,625 defaulter farmers in 6 districts whose agriculture land it intends to sell to recover the pending dues estimated at Rs. 229.80 crores. The bank's Patiala division comprises Patiala, Ropar, Sangrur, Ludhiana, Barnala and Fatehgarh Sahib. Bhartiya Kisan Union has already announced that it will fight against this move and will not allow the sale of land. This move comes amid the farmers are demanding loan waiver. Instead of waiver government is planning to sell land their land to recover the amount. So far 109 arrests warrants have been issued, 28 farmers have been already arrested and a sum of Rs.70.79 lakh recovered from them. Farmers remind the CM captain Amarinder Singh's promise before the election to waive all loans for which farmers demand must be fulfill.

Region Classification

Type of Land


Private and Common

Type of Common Land

Non-Forest (Grazing Land)

Total investment involved (in Crores):


Type of investment:

Land Area Affected
(in Hectares):


Starting Year


Demand/Contention of the Affected Community

Government Bodies Involved in the Conflict:

Punjab Agriculture Bank

Corporate Parties Involved in the Conflict:

Other Parties Involved in the Conflict:

Bhartiya Kisan Union (Urgrahan)

Has the Conflict Ended?

When did it end?

Why did the conflict end?

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