Farmers Demand Removal of Illegal Shrimp Ponds in Olpad

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Aditi PatilLand Conflict Watch

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January 6, 2020

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In February this year, Khedut Samaj, a farmers organization in Gujarat, submitted a memorandum to Surat district collector demanding action against the illegal shrimp ponds built on the government land in Olpad town. The Farmers' body says that villages like Dandi, Mor, Delasa, Mandroi, Karanj, Nesh, Saras, Koba, Lavacha, Kudiyana in Olpad are worst affected by these shrimp ponds, which have been constructed near the coastal border. That has left no or little space for the rainwater to flow into the sea. This causes flash floods, which may destroy the standing crops and houses in the villages, say residents of these villages. They are asking the government to remove these ponds. One Smit Aquaculture Private Limited has allegedly captured around 800 bigha government land at Dandi village and developed over a thousand shrimp ponds. Apparently, farmers have been voicing their concerns against shrimp ponds for over four years but the government is yet to take any action.

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Aquaculture Private Limited

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